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Gabion fences

Gabion fencesDurable and modern gabion fences

Modern and original type of fences

The unique nature of the property

Gabion fencing is a modern and original type of fencing that gives the property a unique character.

The gabion fencing system consists of welded meshes joined together with special clips to form a basket body, which is then filled with the appropriate type of aggregate. The construction of the gabion basket is attached to stabilizing posts embedded in a concrete foundation.

An additional element of the gabion fencing system are metal concentrations stabilizing the foundation of gabion baskets and protecting them against bulging, caused by the aggressive pressure of the aggregate on the basket mesh.

The stages of assembly of the gabion fence

  1. We make a linear foundation that forms the basis for the gabion fence.


2. In the proper distance, we place stabilizing poles in the foundation.

3. Stabilizing posts should have safety caps.

4. The next stage is the assembly of gabion baskets consisting of elements (walls) called panels.

5. We connect the walls of the gabion baskets with the help of the lock bolts fastened in previously prepared openings.

6. Stable position of the basket allow concentrations that are attached to stabilizing poles.


7. Concentrations are fixed to the stabilizing columns by means of screws.

8. A properly fixed gabion basket structure can be filled with aggregate.

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