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Wire mesh fencing

Wire mesh fencing

Galvanized fence mesh | galvanized and coated


One of the most popular and most common type of fencing on the national market is the fence mesh.

The low price of a fencing mesh compared to other types of property security is definitely one of the criteria determining the choice of this type of fencing.

Braided mesh is used in the construction of fences:

private property,
industrial facilities,
sports facilities (sports fields, courts).
objects intended for plantation – breeding,

Our company’s offer includes two types of nets:

galvanized (Zn)
Galvanized and coated (Zn + PVC)

A semi-hard wire with a 45-65 micron zinc coating is used for the production of a galvanized mesh (standard PN-EN 10218-2)


Wire mesh


Coated nets have an additional additional anti-corrosion protection in the form of a PVC coating with a thickness of approx. 0.5-1mm. It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, resistance to weather conditions, UV rays and high frost resistance. This type of mesh is a perfect solution for years, its additional asset is the coating, thanks to which the durability of the product is estimated at 35 years. In addition, this net requires no maintenance, which is an additional advantage on traditional galvanized nets.


wire mesh zn+PCV


All our grids have the appropriate approvals, they are made of semi-finished products that meet all standards.

Our offer includes standard colors, which are shown in the picture below.




Available sizes: