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Nowoczesne ogrodzenia gabionowe żaluzjowe

Gabion fences – realization Tarnów

A modern gabion fence in Tarnów   We present our next implementation of a modern gabion fence made in Tarnów. The sliding gate and spans are made of sheet metal and mounted in a metal frame, they are elements of the popular shutter-type fence in RAL7016 color. For the construction of gabion baskets, hot-dip galvanized […]


Nowoczesne ogrodzenia wycinane laserowo wzór Palma

Laser cut fences

Laser cut fences   We present our next implementation of a modern laser cut fence in combination with gabion elements. The structure of the metal elements of the fence has been hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. It is an unusual project that only a few and demanding customers will definitely decide on.


Ogrodzenia i bramy nowoczesne metalowe kute panelowe Limanowa

Design and construction of a fence in the town of Limanowa

We present you with another implementation of fencing made of metal profiles. The scope of works included the construction and assembly of spans, wickets and a sliding gate with gate automation. Prior to the implementation, the project was carried out together with the visualization, which was positively approved by our client.