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Installation of fences

 A qualified fitter team

High quality of services

Installation of fences is carried out in accordance with the applicable rules of the art of construction. For the sake of our customers, we use proven and top quality materials with appropriate standards and approvals to assemble the fences. Our many years of experience gained over 25 years of existence of our company allows us to professionally advise our clients when choosing the most functional fencing system even in unfavorable terrain conditions.

The high quality of our services is possible only thanks to qualified assemblers and using specially designed machines and devices. We provide a guarantee for the assemblies made by us. We use attested concrete from the B-20 concrete mixer for installing fence posts. Before building a fence, the customer should set the boundaries of the plot, which must not be exceeded. A fence height higher than 220 cm requires notification of the intention to build it to the Faculty of Architecture of the Poviat Starosty.


Designing and visualization

The highest quality of service

Facilitating the selection

In the interest of the highest quality of customer service, our company provides services in the field of design and visualization of fences, gates, balustrades and barriers. The design and visualization made by our company will make it easier to choose undecided clients. Visualization is done in 2D graphics technology based on a photo provided by the customer or made by our company during a local vision.

We offer over a dozen of our projects in our offer, we do unconventional projects at the client’s request. This is a paid service before the graphic is made, which is deducted when placing an order for a given product.

Delivery time: up to 5 business days.


We carry out non-standard orders

High quality of services

Our company provides services in the field of welding of black steel using the MIG-MAG method. We carry out non-standard orders related to welding metal structures, stairs, protective barriers, shelves, rubbish boxes, bicycle racks and metal furniture (cabinets, benches, chairs, garden furniture, lamps), etc.