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Precast concrete foundations

Precast concrete foundations

Speed and ease of assembly

The price is smaller compared to the traditional method of forming concrete in formworks

Concrete foundations are prefabricates formed by vibratory compaction of concrete. The precast concrete foundation has replaced the traditional method of forming concrete walls in formwork, the so-called “Cast wall”. Concrete precasts in the form of a foundation were used in mesh, panel and forged fencing systems.

The precast concrete foundation is reinforced twice. The advantage of this product is the speed and ease of assembly, regardless of the weather conditions. Another important advantage of using a precast concrete foundation is the price, which is much lower compared to the traditional method of forming concrete in formworks.

Concrete foundations meet the appropriate standards guaranteeing the element’s durability for bending, frost resistance, water absorption and water resistance. The complement of the prefabricated foundation system are concrete through connectors (H-shaped) and corner ones. The sub-base fasteners are also available in a metal version in the form of U-profiles. Precast concrete foundations have a ribbing on one side, and there are also two-sided foundation foundations on offer.



Precast concrete foundations
a – length (cm) b – height (cm) c – thickness (cm)
244 20 5,5
244 25
244 30




    Concrete fasteners for foundation
  Corner   Simple
 a – height (cm)  b – slot (cm)  a – height (cm)   b – slot (cm)
 20 6     20 6   
25   25
30  30